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ALTERAN Free Audiovisual Assess & Preservation Survey

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Free Survey To Help You Preserve, Access, and Monetize your Audiovisual Collections

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Take a few minutes to speak with internationally known Audiovisual Archivist, Lance Watsky, and gain a deeper understanding of what is needed to provide access and preservation for your audiovisual content.

Mr. Watsky is an Audiovisual Archivist who has helped institutions, corporations, and individuals craft strategies that lead to the long term preservation and access of their audiovisual collections for the past two decades.

The Audiovisual Preservation Survey was designed by Mr. Watsky while working for the State Archives of Georgia. Many content holders have already benefited by using the Audiovisual Preservation Survey to discuss their preservation plans and objectives, and we believe that you will too.

Place a "Request Information" on this web page with your preferred date and time to contact you, and we will schedule a phone call with Mr. Watsky to answer the questions on the Audiovisual Preservation Survey and receive detailed information on how to achieve your audiovisual access and preservation project goals.

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This service is completely free, no obligation.

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