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BCSSB Multi-Media Mobile Cart 8 Shelves

SKU #: MO18582
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Model Description:
Used. 34x20x57 inches custom stainless steel media cart with heavy duty casters and 8 shelves.

Model Details

Carts are about:
Width: 33" to 35"
Depth: 20"
Height: 57"
Shelf: 4 on each sides
Shelf width: 32" to 34"
Shelf 6 1/4" depth
Lower shelves Height clearance: 8 1/2
Shelves are a a slight incline to keep the media or videotapes from falling out.

Each side has 4 shelves
For mobility, the 4 swivel heavy duty 5 inch casters.

We have 2 different types of shelfs
- Plain shelves have no dividers
- Shelves with 3 short upright dividers, one every 7"3/4

Those carts were custom made to transport a lot of small to mid size videotapes like: Hi-8, VHS, 3/4 U-Matic, Betacam...

Quantity is limited. If more carts are needed, request a quote and ETA for new ones to be made.

Additional Detailed Information:

Details on the middle section in between both shelves sides:
Width: 6 1/2+, Depth: about 34", Height: 33" high
Some have no shelf in there.
Some , like the one on the picture above have a shelf on the bottom 
Some have 2 shelves in that section, the bottom one plus one 16 inches above, creating 2 16" middle section.

Note the 4 swivel heavy duty 5 inch casters.

Plain shelfs
Shelfves with no dividers, reference EQ514339

Shelfs with dividers
Shelves with dividers, one every 7 1/4 inches, reference EQ514340

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