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Do you have a audiovisual library--If so, what is the size of the library and is it located in the US or outside the US.


The size of the library and location will assist us in determining the physical space requirements, onsite vs offsite production, production rates and capacity, as well as the logistics for delivery.


What are the media formats and the corresponding percentages for each format?


The media formats determines our production modes (Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual) which is critical in planning the production workflow, duration time to completion, and corresponding costs.


What is the average program length?


The average program length combined with the size of the library are critical factors in determining the production modes and workflow as well as costs.


How old is your media and what is the quality and condition of the material?


The age and quality of the library determines whether the media must be processed through our "Special Handling" production mode. If so, then the production costs will be higher than for the normal Automatic and Semi-Automatic modes.


Does some of your media have specific Quality Control requirements and if so what are the parameters?


The quality control requirements for a library are critical in determining all facets of the production workflow process. If a library has specific QC requirements such as utilizing a specific external QC box as part of the production workflow, then the production costs will be higher than the normal modes.


How is your audiovisual library organized?


The critical factor is determining if a barcode system and master list is available. The method of organization of a library is vital to determine the appropriate production mode as well as the costs?


Is a barcode system being utilized by the library?


The type, style, and placement of the barcode are essential factors in determining the integration with our production mode.


Does a database of the barcode system exist and is it accessible?


A database of the master list is an essential factor in determining our capture workflow.


What is your final output format requirement?


The final output digital file format ( i.e. IMX, DV, ProRes, etc) is critical in determining the production mode and costs.


What is your timeframe for final format delivery?


The timeframe for delivery will determine how many units (modules) must operate, how many workshifts, and what personnel is required to meet the designated timeframe.


How do you want the final format delivered--via Internet, hard disk, or tape backup?


The type of delivered format are critical in determining delivery logistics and corresponding costs?


Do you have an existing Digital Asset Management System? If not,do you have a future requirement for a system?


We offer different Digital Asset Management solutions.


Do you prefer a solution to be embedded at your library facility location or ship the media  to our facility location?


Some customers require that their media not leave their library location. Our solution can be installed and embedded at a customer onsite library location rather than shipping their media to an offsite facility. This allows us the ability to interface with a customers existing workflow infrastructure and link to an existing Asset Management solution or install one if required.


If the media is being shipped to our facility, how would they be boxed on pallets - what is your shipping process?


We need to evaluate the shipping parameters to determine the corresponding costs.


Once the production is completed and the final format delivered, will the tapes be returned, recycled or destroyed?


We need to determine the final status of the media for security, storage, and cost factors.

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