Content Management Solutions

Alteran Technologies's flagship ViTaDi product series is an automated, affordable, and scalable video migration application. It enables content owners to convert their video assets in an efficient and cost effective process. It provides a complete end to end migration and asset management solution for any size video library. This flexible and elegant solution delivers unparalleled results in the digitization and delivery of digital assets to new plaforms.

Our affordable, efficient, and automated videotape encoding and asset management system recognizes many types of cataloging barcodes, and can work directly with pre-existing tape library solutions. The workflow process is automatically organized using a proprietary software management solution. This allows for real time transcoding and repurposing. Utilizing an open platform, the automated capture solution is capable of working with either a Mac or PC infrastructure. From digitization to transcoding, to metadata tagging, storage and repurposing, our solution provides a complete video migration management system.

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