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Alteran Processing Laboratory (APL)

                                                               Affordable and Rapid Video Tape Digitizing

APL, our In-House Service Bureau, offers affordable and rapid solutions for digitizing your library of legacy videotapes. APL can assist your company by taking tapes out of your library vaults and onto new digital platforms.

APL provides in depth project planning, content selection, IT management, digital asset management, and storage consulting during the initial discovery phase. We utilize advanced encoding, transcoding, quality control, and storage technologies throughout our workflow process. Our affordable , streamlined service not only encodes video but also provides content organization and archiving to include:

   Video capture to any digital file format
   Multi-stream encoding
   Multi-format transcoding
   Metadata tagging with automatic imbedding of client data
   Detailed reporting and tracking

   Short or long-term storage
   Automated quality control

Once you ship your tapes to our facility, they are immediately inventoried utilizing our proprietary inventory tracking software system to oversee each step of your workflow process. Our service bureau incorporates new and legacy certified hardware and software along with highly trained Engineers and technicians to convert to any output digital file format and packaged for retrieval and storage based on your specifications. Our Service Bureau facility can process High Definition, Standard Definition, Analog or Digital video tapes and files to be converted to other formats such as Blu-Ray, DVD, .h264 or Flash.


Tape Formats
File  Formats
Analog Source: Native Output formats:
½” Betacam and Betacam SP NTSC/PAL Pro-Res SQ and HQ (Standard def/High Def)
¾” U-Matic and U-Matic SP NTSC/PAL MPEG 2 iFrame w/IMX compatibility, IMX 30, IMX 40, IMX 50
1” C-Format NTSC/PAL DnxHD (VC-3 compliant for AVID) Uncompressed 8 bit SD

Uncompressed and more

 Uncompressed and more
Digital Source: Transcoded formats:
Betacam IMX, SX and Digibeta NTSC/PAL Flash Media
D1 Component 4:2:2 Digital .h264
D2 Composite 4:2:2 Digital MXF (For Avid)
D3 and D5 (SD/HD) .AVI
   and more
Special handling available for:  

 2" Quad High-Band NTSC/PAL...




Business Hours, by appointment 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. PST

General Contact Information


Phone # (US): 1-818-998-9100


Address: 21822 Lassen street, Unit H, Chatsworth, CA 91311

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