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Aditional Company Links
Customer Support

Telephone Support - 818.998.9100

Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-4:00pm PST

EMail Support -

Rapid response times.

Remote Access Support - By Appointment

GoToMeeting or VPN network technical support gives our engineers the ability to diagnose and resolve system issues over the internet.


Quality Customer Service

Customer support is a critical factor in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sony Alteran Archiving Solutions is committed to supporting you for the long-term. We understand that your business requires an immediate resolution to any problem, and we are there for you. Some of our other support services:

Training and Consulting

We offer classes and production pipeline development on all our hardware and software.

On Site Support

On site support as necessary.

Site Audit Support

Our support package also includes periodic on site audits by one of our experienced engineers. Our system installation is audited and certified to insure that it is performing to all specification.

Software Upgrades

Delivery of new software upgrades, patches, or workarounds.

Hardware Repairs & Servicing

Most brands and configurations.

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