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Introducing Sony Alteran Archiving Solutions

 Sony Alteran Archiving Solutions consist of custom server and software packages designed to manage your media library on the cloud. You can take your existing film, video, Photo and audio library, and turn it into a secure, searchable and downloadable cloud library, playable on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Cataloging your media has never been easier, thanks to our new IntelliSense metadata tagging system. The new ARX Archive Remastering Format allows you no-hassle delivery of content, using our powerful viewing and multi-format conversion tools. In addition to film, video and audio, our system also handles most publication formats, including eBooks, CAD, 3D, and other specialty formats, as well as providing support for all traditional business and personal documents.



Nearly any film, video or audio format can be acquired, and converted into our Sony Archive Remastering format. Restoration tools allow you to automatically improve the quality of your converted file, including dust and scratch removal, color correction, scaling, cropping, and audio balancing.



The Sony IntelliSense metadata tagging automatically fills out the information about your library, so you don’t have to. Of course, you are in complete control, and you can edit right down to the digital watermark. Library profiles and statistics are easy now, and creating galleries from your digital media is a snap.



Library sizes vary, and so do storage requirements. Sony’s Variable Storage Server clients can regulate the compression and resolution of their media files, so they can maximize their drive space. Scalable and flexible, the users can change the size of their storage requirements at will.



Secured and encrypted for the future. Our promise to you. Sony Alteran Archiving Solutions Preservation clients get the most dependable and secured preservation of their digital libraries available now, and in the future, as well, no matter how the digital frontier changes. This give our clients the peace of mind that, should disaster strike your physical media, your digital archive will be around for years to come.


The Sony Archive Player allows quick and easy access to all of your archives. You can use it like any other media player, or customize it into your own branded experience. Your users can watch, play, and display all the formats that Sony Alteran Archiving Solutions supports… Which gives users the ability to consume your content exactly the way you want. Plus, you can deliver users almost any digital format, using our embedded conversion technology. So, even if they aren’t using the Sony Archive Player, they will still get the experience you intended.

 An End-To-End Solution

In the end, Sony Alteran Archiving Solutions allows you to deliver your unique content library to your users in an informative and compelling way, with as much detail and access as you wish them to have. Plus, your library is preserved securely and definitively for generations to come. Sony Alteran Archiving Solutions defines the new standard for archiving media.

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